Las Vegas - April 15 - 19, 2010
The Big Day!

Finally, the day has arrived. I hardly had any sleep, due to all of the
fun and exciting things in store for Vegas. I layed down around
3am and in no time it was 6:30 and time to get going. I had a few
extra little things to pack and one final glance over my check-list to
make sure I took care of everything before leaving.

7AM and our car service has arrived. [We used to drive
and park at the air port, until the day came where we
went to pick up our car when we returned from a Miami
trip. They pulled up our car from valet with some type of
paint all over the back of the car that leaked in their
parking garage. So from then on, we just have a car
transport us.]
We arrived at the airport around 7:30am, took off around 8:45am. Had a nice breakfast in the sky. I had
Yogurt with Honey Nut Cheerios and fruit. Glenn (DH) had scrambled eggs with ham and sausage. We did a
food swap. I gave him my cereal and fruit for his ham and sausage. I'm a low carb eater, so I didn't want to
start the trip off on a bad start!

I'm not a big fan of flying. I hate sitting for so long. Being that I can't sleep on the plane, I bring a ton of
things to entertain myself with. Downloaded some movies on my iPod (Julie and Julia, Madonna's Sticky &
Sweet Tour, RuPaul's Drag Race, and Miss Congeniality 2), brought several Sudoku books, and my
handheld Yahtzee game. We did have a very smooth flight. I always enjoy the smell of the baked cookies,
cause I know we are almost at the end of the flight. WOO HOO! 12:35pm.

Finally we landed and I sent some texts out to Debbie to find where she is. Well of COURSE they are hours
behind. LOL. Gotta love her. So we got all of our luggage at baggage claim. We tend to pack on the heavier
side. My DH has needs 4 suitcases and a carry on. Don't ask… The Palazzo had sent a limo for us.
Surprisingly, they were able to fit all of the suitcases in the trunk. On our way over to the Palazzo, we drove
past WMS. I didn't know they had a building out there. Deb says it's because of all of the gaming
malfunctions; they need their techs close by. [I think Deb's a butt head! LOL.] Anyway, I don't know if they
give tours of the place, but I'm looking into it for next time. I was told that it is a showroom. So now I HAVE
to get in there.
We pulled up to the Palazzo and it appears they are adding on to the Venetian. There's construction going
on, on top of the place. Bellman took our luggage as we headed into the VIP Lounge (VIP = my DH). They
have a nice lounge set up with a little room with self-serve beverages and food. I helped myself to some little
turkey sandwiches. My hubby grabbed some fruit and sandwiches as well.
I sat down to snack before going up to our room and on the TV,
there was
Breaking News: a car chase going on in CA. NOW I can
see why Debbie is late, she's being chased in the opposite direction.
I LAUGHED my butt off and had to take a photo. I text her again to
make sure it wasn't her and Dave.
We headed to our room. At the Palazzo, you have to walk
thru the casino floor to get to the elevators. As I walked
passed the escalators, there was WMS setting up Goldfish
Race For The Gold. I was SO excited. Now that's a great
warm welcome for me. The photo is of the machines loading
up. [There is no topper on the bank of machines. They had
signs on them stating the games will shut down at 6am the
following day. That's when they added the topper.]
Got up to our suite 47-717. The room is huge and beautiful. They had placed a fruit and cheese basket in
the room, along with a bottle of champagne. Classy. We had a great view of the golf course. I didn't even
know there was one. This was my first time with a view in this direction. The room had a mini-bar, so I
called down to order a fridge, which was $25 a day. The bathroom is large! It had a His and His vanity, a
large bath tub in the middle of one side, and a large shower on the other side. Lots of water spouts in the
shower. Very nice. I took time to unpack everything and setup the room. I took a walk down to CVS and
grabbed beverages and water to fill our fridge for the weekend.
By this time, Deb & Dave (D&D) have checked into Red Rock (RR). I gave them some time to check in, and
then DH & I grabbed a cab over to RR. I forgot that Deb told me to drive up to the Hotel side to see their big
red doors. We ended up getting dropped off at the Casino entrance. D&D came to the casino side to meet
us. Finally, we meet. They were just as I had imagined them. Very fun and friendly. I felt like we've known
each other for years. Deb did have her fanny pack ready to go. But first we headed over to the café for a bite
to eat. I had wings and nachos (here we go with the carbs!). Deb picked off of Dave's plate.

We got to chatting about things, games, etc. It was a nice time. Rob (dizEguy @ PlayersForum) was in the
building. He arrived earlier in the week. We had planned on all meeting. He came over to the Café to meet
with us. We took a few photos, he gave us game updates, then he took off to see a show. It was brief. Well,
time to gamble.

I was easy going with Deb, being that I was on her turf! I sat down
and played IGT with her. I had a little hit on Sirens. From the
machine I spotted Wild Flurry (WMS). So I went over there and
played, Deb tried one from that series. Either one of us had any hits
to report. I only bonused once. I also got Deb to play Samurai
Master (Multi-Play) and she didn't hit anything. However, I had a
VERY nice hit. That will come later in the Photo/Video section. 2
WMS games down, one more to get Deb to play - Advance To
Boardwalk. I think she liked it, but she was being crazy and hitting
Max Bet ($4), so she didn't get much play. I wonder if she'll try it
again?? I had a hit on it, during the Ring Toss bonus. I also got to
play the Gem version of Multi-Play. This was the first time seeing
this one. I really like it. I had some minor hits, enough to keep me
going. I hope to get more play in AC on this. I did find Ruby
Slippers. I was betting mid range and got a bonus within a few
spins. I don't know the names of the bonus rounds, but the
characters popped up in the top window awarding me credits. I got
$40 credit for the bonus. I just cashed out because I know I would
sit there forever trying to get all of the bonus rounds. I didn't want to
spend too much time away from Deb. Unfortunately, RR pulled their
Rock You Queen game for some reason. Deb was not a happy
During this time we also met up with Robin (RobinL @ PlayersForum). She's very sweet as well. Didn't get
to spend too much time with her. I hope to when I return to Vegas. She lives in Vegas, so she doesn't
gamble much, from what I can tell. Then we met with Cindy, which I think is a personal friend of Deb's. I
didn't get to talk to her, just said hi. Deb did take us up to her room so we can get a look at the place. It has
a dark wood décor. Reminds me of the Water Club @ the Borgata. I didn't take any photos of the place. Deb
has them in her report.

Red Rock is a very nice place. I have nothing bad to say about it. I did have a nice hit on a couple
machines. But it was time for me to head over to the Palazzo. I was meeting friends from CA, that were also
staying at the Palazzo. Deb can now go IGT crazy!!!

Lorraine & Nancy - both from Luguna Beach. DH went to college with Nancy. They kept in touch through
the years and this is their second time meeting up with us in Vegas. They are minor slot players. They stick
with the basic mechanical machines. We met up and went over to Grand Lux at the Venetian. We had
reservations at Emeril's Table 10, but Lorraine doesn't eat meat, and Nancy loves Sushi. Grande Lux just
made more sense. Dinner was great. The service wasn't that great. Our server just disappeared. Plus we all
think he was high on something. Anyway, I had their Cream of Chicken soup, Pulled Pork Sloppy Joe, and a
couple more nachos! Although is sounds so basic, the food there is REALLY good. We decided to go back
there the following night.

So we finally got out on the floor to get some play in. I did a lot of my play at the Venetian. I had a couple little
hits here and there. Overall, the games aren't doing all that much. I went over to the Palazzo after a few
hours to play "Cheeseburger". Got my money back on my first bonus. I played my GF3, GF2, SATC, and
ATB. VERY few bonuses.

That's my report on Day 1. I am down about $100. Didn't get to bed until 3am (that's 6am back home.)