10:00am - the hotel phone starts to ring and wakes me up!! It was a host down at the cabanas. We
had reserved a cabana at the pool. We needed to check in by 10am. I realized DH is missing. I'm like,
maybe he headed down to the pool. I sent a text to find out that he called down to the spa and got in
for an 8am massage and then jogged in the gym. THAT I can not explain. On 4 hours of sleep. Well, I
guess it was time to motivate. After I plastered myself with 50 SPF lotion, I joined him and the girls at
the pool. We had brunch at Solaro (by Wolfgang Puck), which was pool side. Food was decent, but
the Grand Lux is still on the top of my list.
The cabana was very cool. We rented one before on our last trip. It was set up with TV, fridge stocked
with drinks, a nice carpeted seating area, and had a fan and wireless internet. Well, again the internet
didn't work. DH brought his laptop to do a little work, but couldn't connect. I sat out with them for a
little bit and had an icy diet coke. The sun was a bit harsh for me. So once everyone was ready for the
pool, I set out on a mission. I text Deb to see if she was up. I know she stays up late in Vegas and
sleeps in. I wish (damn cabana host).
I headed out to go and find Deb her Rock You Queen machine. The Palazzo has an overpass that takes
you to Wynn. I search around their floor. I spotted American Original. I had to play. I bonused and got back
what I put in. I stopped because I've invested $60 before a bonus. I felt it wasn't going to hit again anytime
soon. Plus I still needed to find Queen for Deb. I continued on over to Encore. On my way over I ran into an
attendant, and they confirmed it was there right when you walked in. Well, you can't miss it. What a set up,
plus stereo speakers with Queen's music pumping! I sent Deb the alert, and to get her butt moving. I didn't
play cause I wanted to wait for her. So, I walked around Encore to check out their games. I saw the new
Amazing Race, didn't play. Nothing else really stuck out. So I headed back to the Venetian for some play. I
got some hits and stayed about even. Got a text that D&D are on their way to meet me at the Palazzo.
When they arrived, I took them up to show them our suite and the view. Deb got into one of her stories,
so I made her walk and talk so we can get over to Encore so she can play Queen. I also found out that
when you sign up for a card at Wynn, you get $10 Free slot play. Hey, $10 is $10. I'll take it. So we all
signed up for our cards and went to play Queen. I have to play it more to give my full thoughts on it. I
know there are features on there that none of us hit. We just didn't want to pump too much money into
the game because we still had a full night ahead of us. I'm just happy Deb got to play a bit. I was the first
one to hit the bonus feature. So I made Deb sit down and play out my bonus. I wanted her to experience
as much as she could on the game. I may try the game again if they get licensed out here. Deb seemed to
like the game. We had to head back to the Venetian because we had a show planned. We ran back into
Rob. He was playing Deal or No Deal. We said our good-byes to him because he was off to a different
show, then leaving the next day.
Our show - I scored us front row seats and a Meet & Greet with Joan Rivers. This was my first time seeing
her live. VERY funny. She ended the show with literally throwing planters out at people. Yes, she grabbed
the plants and whipped them out into the crowd. She's NUTS! Dirt and water everywhere. Afterwards, we
stayed behind and waited for Joan to come out. It was a short and sweet M&G.
We then headed over to the Grand Lux. Lorraine and Nancy met up with the 4 of us. I had a great Lemon
Chicken dish with braised Red Cabbage. YUM-O! Service was awesome this time. This was a moment I had to
stop and take in. It was the moment I had envisioned with all of us, having a great time.
Okay - I'm over it. Let's go play. No time for dessert. So we all scattered around the Venetian. Deb, Dave
and I played the Big Wheel / WOF. It was the original base game, which I prefer. So we all played at
Venetian for a bit, then headed over to the Palazzo to play "Cheeseburger" and other top box bonus
games. Again, no luck for any of us. Then I had to deal with my Debbie Deb leaving. They headed out
around 1AM. I felt like the fun portion of my trip was ending. Not knowing when the next time I would see
her and Dave again. Sad, but very VERY happy we got to meet. After they left, I played a few more games
at the Palazzo and headed up to the room. Games still weren't playing well. Day 2 I'm down about $500.